von Lena


Lots of people are seeking weight loss Imagine how better the results would be if you could take a holistic approach and educate yourself on other changes you can make to your lifestyle that will, in turn, lead to further weight loss and health benefits. Small plate moment is one such example.  A lot of people hire a body transformation specialist for weight loss but still neglect their nutrition which is not advised.

We are an all you can eat society. Food chains run special offers promoting all you can eat sessions and encouraging diners to gorge themselves. Many restaurants also have giant crockery, and the average plate size in domestic settings is 12 inches. The small plate movement was founded to try and get people to use smaller plates, thereby reducing the amount they eat in one sitting. The recommendation is a 10-inch plate, and they challenge people to use a smaller plate at their main meal for 30 days.

Obviously using a smaller plate is designed to get people to eat less, but how does it work? The first part is psychology. If a person was to reduce their meal size while sticking with a bigger plate, they often feel cheated. The plate seems empty, and they convince themselves that there is not enough food there. By reducing the plate size the amount of food on the plate is relative. A normal portion would crowd the plate making the person feel greedy, whereas a reduced portion will look in perspective and they barely notice the change.

Which brings us to part two – the health benefits. This small change alone is enough to see some pretty significant health benefits, even if we do not take into account, the type of food they are eating. In a study carried out on behalf of the Small Plate Movement, participants showed some pretty amazing results. By using the smaller plate and sticking to it, life expectancy increased by over three years. Participants also lost an average of 2 pounds just from downsizing their plates.

People tend to be creatures of habit. The size of the plate and the portion are actually not things people consider very often. It just becomes the way they eat. It has no reflection on how hungry they are, or what food they need. It has been shown that people eating a smaller portion off a smaller plate do not feel hungry, or even notice that they are eating less. That is how powerful the mind is.

By encouraging people to make these small changes at home, the results from their sessions with you will increase as well, as they will lose more weight and feel better for not having overloaded their system with food that it doesn’t really need