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At Right Path Fitness, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients meet their health goals and reach amazing results. This is why we are so happy to add Xbody training to the list of our services in London! If you want to find a personal trainer in London we can help. Right Path fitness are known to provide the best personal trainers in London and for their fitness singles events.

What is Xbody?

Xbody is a workout that is supercharged by the use of electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS). The electrical stimulation is delivered via electrodes attached to a special suit worn during the workout. The result is that you get much more out of your exercise routine. In fact, you can burn up to 500 calories during one 20-minute session.

Xbody Traning: What To Expect

Here’s how it works. Our muscles consist of three distinct fibers. You have type one fibers. These are engaged when you go through normal daily activities. This includes typing on a keyboard, opening and closing doors, and picking up light items.

Then there’s type Two A. These fibers are engaged when you do something like picking up a fairly heavy package. Basically, activities where you need a bit of a burst of strength and some stamina.

Finally, there are type Two B fibers. Think about picking something up that you can only stand to hold aloft for a few seconds.

By using EMS, your body bypasses the type one fibers, and goes directly two fibers Two A and Two B. This is key to developing lean muscle tissue.

The Benefits You’ll Get From Xbody

You probably know that lean muscle tissue development is key to developing a fit and trim physique. What you may not know is that it also increases your metabolism. That’s always good news if you need to lose weight.

Xbody is certainly not the only way to stimulate these deep muscle fibers. There are many forms of exercise that do this as well.

Where Xbody shines is in its efficiency. A person who’s at an average level of physical fitness might need to exercise for a few months before they reach the level of intensity required to involve these muscle strands. With Xbody, our professional trainers can make this happen for you from day one.

Here’s some really great news! If you aren’t in great shape, if you are rehabbing from an injury, or you simply hate the gym or need to get fit for your wedding day, our Xbody training could be the perfect solution for you. Imagine getting a deep muscle workout without stressing a sensitive joint! Think about getting great results from two twenty minute sessions per week at the gym.

Do you prefer personal training in Aldgate for your xbody sessions or elsewhere , or do you find it motivating to work in a group? Either way we have you covered with Xbody personal training and group classes!

The Awesome Professional Team at Right Path

If you’re familiar with us at all, you know that we take great pride in our team. This is why we are so excited to have hired one of the best Xbody coaches in the business. If you are looking for a fast track to better fitness or simply to try something new, contact us!