Benefits Of Squats

von Lena

There’s always that guy in the gym who throws three or four plates on each side of the barbell and squats it like a boss. You think he’s probably a mighty cool power-lifter, right? Wrong! He just knows the next amazing benefits of squatting you can no longer ignore!

Squats strengthens the overall body‍

While it’s commonly believed that squatting is just a “leg day” exercise, in fact, it helps you build up back, shoulders and abs power as well. It is the only movement that helps you train the posterior chain – gluts, adductors, lower back and hamstrings – and quadriceps at the same time! Think of squatting as a gympot – that ultimate exercise to increase your muscle mass in multiple areas at once. If your worried about form you could start practice.‍

Squats boost hormone release‍

As the exercise involves almost each muscle in your body, it acts as a powerful stimulator for testosterone and growth hormone production. Result? Faster muscle and strength growth with no anabolic involved!‍

Squats burn more fat

Let’s put it simple: squats grow your muscle. Muscle burns fat. More muscle equals to less fat. If your main goal is to lose weight and look sexier, squatting must be part of your daily workout routine!

Squats increase your overall performance

Squats build up an appreciable amount of size and strength on your legs thus increasing your performance when it comes to running and jumping. Want to beat everyone one the next office football match? Do your squats regularly!

Squats improve flexibility

Being a universal exercise, squatting helps you increase the range of possible motion within the hip complex. Forget about the daunting back pains and have an easier time surviving any active sport events!‍

Squats reduce the amount of injuries

As you are strengthening a huge number of ancillary muscles of the lower body, doing squats regularly proved to reduce the amount of injuries within our clients. This exercise forces muscles to work synergistically and helps strengthening the weak areas. As a result, the risk of getting along the range of motions is kept to bare minimum.