7 Benefits Of Small Group Personal Training

von Lena

mall Group Personal Training has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason; it offers the results and benefits of Personal Training and online personal training – but at a fraction of the cost! But the best news is that the more affordable price-point is far from being the only benefit of small group personal training – in addition there are also some specific aspects of this mode of training that can actually make it more effective when compared to training on a one-on-one basis with a Personal Trainer – here’s our run-down of the top 7 Benefits of Small Group Personal Training.


Let’s face it, working out with others is always going to be more fun than working out on your own! Although the aim of any personal training or chest exercises for men,   have fun whilst you are training to ensure that your motivation stays high and you maintain enthusiasm to stick to your training schedule. Working out with others gives you the opportunity to feed off of other members of the group and enjoy some occasional banter with your co-trainers (although not too much – remember you’re here to work hard and get great results!). Put simply, small group personal training makes training more fun – and that can only be a good thing!


There’s bundles of research to show that if you are involved in a Small Group Personal Training or Tabata programmes then you are more likely to stick with it and consistently keep training over the long-term. Suddenly you have other people to think about – and if you start slacking then you’re accountable to them as well as just yourself and your personal trainer! It’s this increased level of accountability that helps to drive you forward and ensure you stick with your training programme and consistently put in the effort over the long-term.

Friendly Competition

When you train with others it’s an opportunity for you to measure your rate of progress and personal goals and achievements directly against that of your other group members. This means that rather than work towards your own personal goals in isolation, you have a reliable and highly informative method of measuring your success against that of your peers – this helps you to be realistic and honest about how you are progressing and whether or not you are putting in the required amount of commitment to your training and nutritional programme!


Training as part of a small group will help to keep you motivated towards your training – there’s nothing more guaranteed to push you to work harder than seeing other members of your group putting in more effort and progressing faster than yourself!This is something that you simply don’t have when training in isolation with a personal trainer – although they can give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience of working with others who have the same goals as you – it’s not the same as being able to directly compare your progress to that of your peers during every group session.As an added bonus, if you happen to be the person who is progressing faster than anyone else in your group, it’s going to make you feel really good about your training and motivate you to keep working harder. It really is a win-win situation for all!

Personal Attention

With larger group exercise where you can have as many as 30 people in the same class, there is limited opportunity for the instructor to provide you with close personal attention as an individual. This is very much not the case with small group personal training – as long as you ensure you find a class that has no more than 4 people taking part at any one time, the personal trainer is able to offer you personalised advice as you train to help you reach your own individual fitness goals. The key thing here is that there’s nowhere to hide when you are part of a small group personal training programme – which means you’ll be more motivated and driven to push yourself harder!

Support and Advice

Any decent personal trainer will pride themselves on the level of expertise and knowledge that they are able to offer you – but you’d be foolish to discount the amount of usual and beneficial knowledge and guidance that you can glean from training with others as part of a small group personal training programme. Even with a highly-skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer to guide you, you can still learn from other peers within your group as you talk about your progress and the challenges you face with one another. Members of a small group personal training programme all benefit from helping and advising each other – again it’s a win-win situation for all!


Crucially, when you train as part of a small group personal training programme, you are instantly taking the positive step towards building more accountability into your training programme– which is one of the most positive and beneficial things you can do! Suddenly not only do you have the personal trainer closely monitoring your progress and pushing you forward when required – you also benefit from having the other members of the group tracking your progress and giving you that extra little push exactly when you need it the most! Again it’s truly a win-win situation for everyone included within the group – and yet another reason why small group personal training can be such a powerful and effective method of achieving your personal training goals. No wonder it’s a form of training that continues to grow ever-more popular year after year!