At Home Personal Training

von Lena

You can work from home, you can shop from home but one of the best things you can do from home is improve your health. Now, we’re not talking a few half-hearted push ups as you wait for your porridge to ping in the microwave, but an actual personal trainer coming to your door armed with all the tools to bring your fitness goals to fruition. Yep, actually to your door so no more schlepping down to the gyBut other than the obvious major convenience factor, there are loads more benefits of home personal training.

1) You’ll learn how to use all kinds of equipment. If you’ve ever sneaked looks at those folk in the gym who are doing all kinds of gymnastic moves on the fit ball, or expertly using the foam roller to ease their hamstrings, you wouldn’t be alone. Some people just seem to have ingested the book called 101 Ways With Every Piece Of Gym Kit Imaginable, whilst you are still working out how to turn the treadmill on! When you arrange for home personal training though, your trainer will get you exercising with all kinds of portable equipment. So if ever you do make it to the gym, it’ll be your expert moves that others are checking out.

2) You’ll be more honest. How much exercise do you do, what’s your diet like, how often do you drink? These are all questions that any PT worth their salt will be asking you. And, let’s admit it, the odd little fib might slip out. In fact, studies suggest that in a 10 minute conversation we’ll have told around 3 lies (I exercise a lot,and I hardly ever drink!). With personal training though, being completely honest is going to get you much quicker results, and in your home environment (scene of most of the eating, drinking and lounging on the sofa) you’re more likely to be truthful which will help everybody.

3) It can aid recovery and rehabilitation. Home personal training is the fitness equivalent of buying the supermarket’s ‘extra special’ version of a product. Unlike the regular or no frills version, the extra special offers that little bit more- in this case individualised fitness training in the comfort of your own home. Times when you might need to go extra special include after injury or illness, maybe after an operation that is going to need specialised personal training to work specific muscles for recovery. It could be after giving birth or just after a period of inactivity. Going extra special with home personal training can help you to get back to your regular choice.

4) You’ll build fitness confidence. It’s easy for us to say, get out for a walk or go for a run in your local park but if your fitness confidence is at zero that’s like taking a car out for a drive with no petrol- it’s just not going to go anywhere, or if it does it’ll soon conk out. Home fitness training is brilliant for filling up your confidence tank, so you feel strong enough physically, mentally and emotionally to get out and about and active. Not all home personal training will be done at your home as you might also exercise near where you live. Doing this with your PT right by your side can give you the confidence to also train on your own in your neighbourhood. Little steps lead to big results and you could also look at how to become a personal trainer

5) You’ll see things in a whole new light. Personal trainers are brilliant at creating workouts with whatever kit they have available. On the tube, in the park and even in your home, you’d be surprised by how they can come up with new workouts from ordinary items . Like your stairs, AKA the stair jump training zone, or the sofa transformed to the sofa dips exercise area. Your garage will become a boxing ring and your lounge a HIIT studio. What having a home personal trainer does is to make you see beyond the idea that exercise is only for the gym and the the benefits of having a personal trainer. you’ll soon adopt the personal trainer’s mind-set that exercise is something that can be done anytime, anywhere and with pretty much any equipment that you have to hand.