Lower Glute Exercises: Before & After

von Lena

Are you looking to strengthen and tone your lower glutes? Lower glute exercises can help you achieve your fitness goals by targeting and sculpting the muscles in that area. In this post, we will showcase a variety of examples from different sources, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, demonstrating the transformation people have achieved with specific strategies and timelines. Get ready to be inspired by these remarkable before-and-after stories!

Example 1: “My 5-Day Glute Transformation Experiment”

Source: Youtube : Barefoot Strength

Description : A sport scientist shows how to increase the activation of butt muscles in the squat exercise by up to almost 40% in only 5 days of doing hip flexor stretches. By stretching the hip flexors, it allows the glutes to extend the hips without running into a wall of tightness from the opposite side– a phenomenon known as altered reciprocal inhibition. So, based on the results it may be beneficial to include some form of regular hip flexor stretching into ones daily routine, especially before doing glute strength workouts.

Example 2 : Instagram @_coachingbykatie

Before: A photo showcasing a fitness coach’s lower glutes before starting her fitness journey.

After: A recent photo of her revealing the incredible transformation in the lower glute area achieved through consistent exercise and targeted workouts.

She also mentioned in the post 3 things that massively helped her to see progress in her glutes. She detailed how important is training intensity, quality versus quantity, and sticking to a program. It’s evident that her dedication, structured approach to training, focused execution of exercises, and careful attention to her diet played a crucial role in achieving the impressive changes she desired.

Example 3: TikTok @eloraagummerson

Description : A person performing a variety of lower glute exercises over a span of three months. She highlights doing single leg curl 2×8-10, hip thrusts 3×8-10, single leg RDL 3×8 -10, leg curl 3×8-10, and back extensions 3+12 AMRAP. The clip demonstrates her progress from the beginning to the end, showcasing enhanced muscle definition and a more lifted appearance in the lower glute area.

Example 4: “5 Must Do Glutes Exercises”

Source : Youtube: Krissy Cela

Description: A fitness coach guides viewers through 5 glutes must do exercises.  She also discusses other aspects like nutrition, focus on progressive overload and consistency of doing the exercises that are also vital in glute transformation.

Example 5 : Instagram @fitness.by.nikki

Before: A photo in 2020 illustrating the starting point of an individual’s lower glute fitness journey.

After: A recent photo in 2021 showcasing the progress made through consistent training, including an uplifted and more defined lower glute area.

In her post, she detailed her top tips for glute growth such as heavy dam weights, eating, stop wasting your life away on the treadmill or the stair master, frequency and consistency in  doing the work.

Example 6: TikTok @annabel.lucinda

Video: A compilation of short workout clips highlighting 5 lower glute exercises performed over a four-month period like KAS glute bridges 3×10, increase weight each set, glute bridge hold until failure, glute biased RDLS 3×10, elevated sumo squats 3×10, and glute medius kickbacks 3×10.The video showcases the gradual transformation and development of stronger, firmer glutes.

Example 7: “HOW I GROW MY GLUTES WITH DUMBBELLS: follow-along leg & glute workout *beginner friendly* routine”

Source: Youtube : LenalLifts

Description: A fitness influencer introduces beginner friendly gym routines on using dumbbells to grow the glute area. As seen in the video, dumbbells are a versatile and accessible piece of equipment that can target your glute muscles effectively.

Example 8: Instagram @revealwithus

Before: An image presenting the initial stage of a person’s lower glute fitness journey.

After: A recent photo revealing a significant change in the lower glute area, achieved through dedication, consistency, and a targeted workout routine.

In her post, she described her 5 months journey towards her glute transformation. She also underscored her game plan in achieving her glute desired result from meal planning, focused glute program, reps of weight, restrictions, and above all dealing with the uncomfortable stage.

Example 9: TikTok @thelabootybuilder


It’s been proven you dont need “booty genetics”… #glutestransformation

♬ TQG – KAROL G & Shakira

Video: A montage of lower glute exercises performed by a fitness enthusiast over a span of 12 weeks. The clip showcases the enhanced muscle tone and a more sculpted appearance in the lower glute area.

Example 10: “How I Grew My Glutes *INSANE Transformation*”

Description: Embarking on a transformative fitness journey requires determination, dedication, and a burning desire for change. In this video, we delve into the inspiring narrative of a personal trainer who defied the odds and successfully transformed her lower glutes. Her story not only unveils the secrets behind her astonishing achievement but also provides invaluable insights into her nutrition, workout routines, tips on structuring workouts effectively, and the specific exercises that played a pivotal role in her glute transformation.

These ten examples serve as inspiring testaments to the effectiveness of lower glute exercises. From 5-day experiment to 120-day transformations, these individuals have demonstrated that dedication, consistency, and targeted workouts can yield significant improvements in the lower glute area. Remember, everyone’s fitness journey is unique, and results may vary. However, these stories offer valuable insights and motivation for anyone looking to strengthen and enhance their lower glutes. So, why wait? Get ready to embark on your own lower glute transformation journey and unleash your fullest potential!