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How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Most of us have tried a YouTube workout, they’re brilliant at getting us up and exercising at a time and place that suits us. Online personal training is a step beyond this because it is individualised training designed specifically for you and your unique fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to up the ante on your fitness, build impressive strength gains or lose weight, online personal training from Right Path Fitness is your route to fast, effective results that last. Delivered remotely, our online personal training programmes are designed around your specific fitness goals. And with our smartphone app available for Android and IOS, you have unrivalled support available when you need it.

Will Online Personal Training Work for Me?

If you find it hard to get to a gym, don’t feel comfortable in a traditional gym environment, are short on time or just enjoy the flexibility that training at work or home gives you, then online personal training is a great route to improved health and fitness for you.

Many clients find that online personal training is more convenient, meaning it’s easier to fit into their life and more sustainable longer term. Training is effective and targeted to the results you’re looking to achieve, and only ever delivered by our highly experienced, highly motivated personal trainers in London.Whether you opt for our 4, 8, 10 or 12 week plan, online personal training is a sensible choice for quick, safe and effective results.


New to Right Path Fitness for 2020 is virtual personal training. We’ve all become Zoom experts during lockdown, and now you can train with the Right Path Fitness personal training team via Zoom or whats app too.

With virtual personal training, you see your Right Path Fitness coach right there in front of you in real time, training alongside you for maximum motivation and results. You get one to one attention from our expert London personal trainers from wherever you are in the world. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week and get the personalised approach you need with our Monthly virtual personal training plans.

The perfect introduction to virtual personal training, you get delivered virtual PT sessions via Zoom or what’s app with you and your trainer. A personalised training plan to suit you and your needs. Support when you need it from our expert London based online personal training team. Nutrition advice. Schedule your Zoom personal training for a time to suit you.

Delivering Real Results for Clients since 2010

We get it, committing to achieving your health and fitness goals can be tough, and choosing the right online personal training team to make it happen can be a difficult decision. But investing in your fitness is a decision you’ll never regret.

Since 2010, our personal training team in London have worked with thousands of individuals to help them to transform their lives through fitness. And now, we’d like to help you.

With online personal training, we can overhaul your body and get you feeling stronger and more confident.Led by former GB and England athlete Keith McNiven, let the Right Path Fitness team of online personal training professionals be your fitness partner. Together, we can achieve the results you want and need. Get in touch today.  




Personal fitness analysis to ensure you get the right training for your specific goals.


With our help we will drive you towards hitting your goals.


Sessions are geared towards you achieving a higher level of fitness.


Fat-loss, body-sculpting or training to bulk-up; with our expert help you stand the best possible chance of getting there.